Monday, October 1, 2012

Commissioned pieces - in process and finished!

Some time ago I did a painting (wood and acrylic) of a dancer surrounded by fire:

One of my friends said she loved it and asked if I could turn it into a series for Wind, Water, and Earth.

I can't remember which one I did next, but I have completed all but the Earth one.

Here are is my sketch for the water one:

The finished painting of WATER

(figures I can't find a picture of the WIND one)
ANYWAY...I started the Earth one FINALLY!

(it will eventually be a voluptuous female tree)


MarissArt Dollmaker said...

Sooo beautiful! I would buy these!!!

Radiantsun said...

Well....I may be putting that print up in my etsy store at some point! Stay tuned!

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