Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cheshire Cat makeup tutorial

I used Pinterest to capture some ideas for my makeup
(see my original post about it HERE)
Here I am before any makeup
I originally used these fake lashes, but then ended up getting longer ones that flared out on the edges
I used a brown pencil to outline where I wanted the purple lines to go
I then took a Hot Topic  palette and used the dark purple, to fill in the points of the stripes
I grabbed my Mehron Star Blend Cake Makeup (color name "blithe spirit") and brushed in between the purple. This blended nicely with the purple and make it look softer.
(I have used this pot since 1997 when I worked at Spooky World! It's old and almost gone, but I love it!)
Pink Nose time! I used another Mehron pot for this
I also used that pink on the outside of the purple stripes
Then I used white mehron paint to make teeth, outlined the purple/pink stripes in black and filled in the spaces in between the teeth with black liquid eyeliner.
For the rest of the outfit I wore a black long sleeve shirt and black leggins. I made a kitty hood out of a purple blanket and cross stitch plastic to hold the ears up. I used the same fabric to make gauntlets and booties. I grabbed some light fabric and make a quick tu-tu-ish skirt. For the gloves I bought cheap winter gloves and fake nails. I cut the nails into points and glued them on the gloves. I put a dab of hot glue on the tips of each so I wouldn't scratch the crap out of everything, then painted them silver.
(picture taken by Alysha McCooe Photography)
Here is a video I made of the process. Hope you like it!
Next up....how to make labels for your apothecary jars for Halloween!!

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