Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cheshire Cat Costume

How much do I love Pinterest let me count the ways:
It's helping me in HUGE ways to plan my Cheshire Cat Costume.
I bought these contacts:

(I don't wear contacts regularly and it SUCKED putting them in, taking them out, and wearing them...but they looked amazing. hahaha)
For my costume I'm going to wear a tight black shirt, a black skirt, and black leggings. I hope to be able to spray paint them with purple stripes that glow in black light.
I also used this idea to make a hood:
(I used this fabulous purple furry fabric my friend gave me to make the hood. To make the ears stand up I used a plastic sheet that you use for cross stitching and stitched them right in.)
I used the fabric to make a tail attached to an elastic belt. I'm also going to use that fabric to make gauntlets and booties (that go from my knee to the floor).
For my makeup I'm going to use a combination of things:
I love the stripes on her forehead:
How big her teeth are:

How the edges of her mouth curl up:

I'm not sure if I'm going to make a prosthetic mouth piece yet that have whiskers "built in". I guess it depends on how much time I end up having!
I would also love to make these gloves:
I would also love it if I could paint my cat like this:

(yeah right! How is that even done?!)
Links to these pictures and more fun halloween stuff are on my Halloween Pinterest Board

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