Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Becoming Maleficent

The SECOND they announced Angelina Jolie was going to play Maleficent, I knew what my Halloween costume would be! I've seen the movie 3 times and it JUST came out yesterday on DVD...I can't believe I haven't already bought it.
I made my horns with a combination of plastic bags, duct tape, electrical tape, newspaper, wire, and paper clay.
I bought a bunch of black fabric from a local fabric shop and sewed a simple cloak. The collar is just newspaper and duct tape hot glued to an old t-shirt that I wore under the cloak!
My staff was found in my yard! I peeled the bark off of a gnarly branch, then wrapped grape vines around it. I just realized I never got great pictures of it.
I knew the makeup wasn't going to be as time consuming as some of the other makeup I've donned in the past....
My husband and I as "The Newlydeads"
(I make all face appliances we are wearing)
Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit
(I REFUSE to wear contacts ever again. Those were horrible. See how the right one is turned?! I looked like a derpy frog half the night. Plus they were super itchy and irritating)
Ventriloquist Dummy
I really didn't want to attempt to do the appliances on her cheeks. I didn't want there to be a stupid line I had to blend out. PLUS I didn't have much time after work to apply makeup so I started looking for makeup tutorials. It's always nice to see what other people do and Kandee Johnson is simply MAGICAL and has such great tips. So I used her Maleficent Makeup Tutorial
I was VERY happy with the results! What do you think?


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