Thursday, July 25, 2013

Friends and Photos
Can I just tell you how I have the best friends in the world? I feel inspired by these lovelies all the time! Alysha McCooe has the most fantastic eye. She is very precise and strives for perfection during shooting and even afterwards while editing her shots. I have literally seen her remove dust particles from the lapel of a groom's picture.That girl is dedicated I tell ya!
 Our latest project was a photoshoot inspired by fantasy.
My niece was the centerpiece in this project. I have been wanting to use her for a photo shoot for a while. She is very tall, has enchanting doe eyes, the most adorable button nose, and a delicate frame.
She mentioned how she always thought it would be cool to be a mermaid.
You don't have to tell me and Alysha twice!
I started off researching how to make mermaid tails. As usual, Pinterest is so helpful in finding ideas. Of course it's a wonderful way to gather inspiration and I'm always careful not to blatantly rip off other people's work (It's definitely happened to ME before!)
Making the tail
I measured Savannah every 2 inches starting at her bellybutton....wait let's back up....I originally had her lay on a large piece of paper and I outlined her, cut out 2 pieces of that fabric, but when she tried it on it was SKIN TIGHT.
Because I forgot she is 3D
THEN I measured Savannah every 2 inches starting at her bellybutton, transfered that onto NEW fabric I bought sparkly glitter dot fabric
 (which RUINS your thread...causing you to re-thread your machine every inch or so. Good times.)
To make the fin I used kind of the same idea you would to make fairy wings. I used heavy gague wire and shaped it into the fin form, then stretched the fabric over it. To stabilize I used cardboard and duct tape (duct my only fren).
Making the top
THIS was the easy part! I bought some stretchy fabric and hand sewed it onto an old bra. I also used some gauze-y fabric gathered around the top to give it a little more interest.
Making the headpiece
I took the same gague wire I used for the tail and shaped it against savannah's head, I then used a glue gun to attach some extra tail fabric onto it. I took a vintage necklace I found at a thrift store and hot glued that on along with some pearls.
Makeup time!
I didn't want her makeup to be ridiculous. My vision was very delicate (just like her) with sparkles!
I purchased the wig from Costume Shopper for $32 (including shipping). It came VERY fast and it was pretty nice quality for the price! I braided a fishtail braid in the front and off-set the part to make it look more natural.

I can't wait for our next project! EEEP!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Deer in my back yard

I love my yard. These videos and pictures were taken in March

If you can hear the song (I think it was blocked) it is "Lucky" by Kate Edmonson

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