Friday, September 28, 2012

Face Painting

I'm trying to get this blog rolling again (hello lonely 2008 post...sorry you were waiting for me all that time!)
I figured I could start up again with some pictures from a birthday party I did for my good friend Alysha (who is an amazing photographer...check her out! Alysha Mccooe Photography)
It was a Star Wars themed party but I had my entire book of face painting items to choose from. This little doll chose a unicorn/rainbow combination (my kind of girl!)

I blurred out her face because I didn't get permission from her parents to post this picture on the interwebs!

This little guy's face paint was so much fun to do. He kept falling asleep though, so I was holding his little head up with one hand. It was adorable:

Birthday BOY!!!

The adults got in on the action!

(not pictured: yoda (I thought I had a picture of this one! He was so cute!) and some scary adult face painting!)  

As a side note: This girl knows how to throw a party!

Death Star watermelon

Yoda Soda

Grape Light Sabers

AMAZING goodie bags!
A Darth Vader Pinata

An obstacle course (yes, she even made them little jedi outfits) complete with silly string and a Darth Vader to defeat!

MAY or MAY NOT have gotten in on that (leaning more towards MAY)
I made the cake and mini cupcakes! (that is supposed to be tataouine)
(also not pictured: a snow cone AND cotton candy machine were involved in the shenanigans!!!)

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