Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ruffled Curtains

My good friend and partner in photography crime Alysha is pregnant with her second child, but her first GIRL! As she was shopping to set up her fantastic baby room, she found the perfect Ruffled Curtains.
Fabulous right?!
Deliciously girly? 
Oh yes.
I told her I could easily make them at half the price! I could also make them in the color she wanted.
Famous last words.
 However, this project ended up being as easy as I thought. That is VERY RARE indeed! * 
(*as easy as it was, it does take TIME. I'm not promising a quick project. Just an easy one!)
Make this project using these 10 easy steps!
Step #1 Measure
Her window is 46X60 (well....not really, we measured a bit lower)
Step #2 Purchase
We bought one cut of white lightblock fabric. 46X54 (it was sold shorter than we wanted but we both agreed that the bottom ruffle will extend so it really SHOULDN'T matter) and 5 yards of light purple fabric.
Step #3 Cut
I cut 14 pieces 6"X70". I know that sounds like the piece will be too wide for the window, but I needed to factor in the loss when I ruffled each piece.
I also cut a top piece 5"X43"to hide the top ruffle.
Step #4 Hem
Hem the bottom and sides of each piece 1/4" (this includes the 15th piece that will cover the top). You don't need to hem the tops of any of them because they will all be ruffled and then hidden under the one on top of it.
Step #5 Press
I know, I know, you should press your fabric before you cut it. Whatever. It's fine. I ironed all the pieces I hemmed at this point and the world didn't end.
Step #6 Ruffle
Using the longest stitch on your machine (or you can hand sew a long stitch), stitch along the un-hemmed edge of each piece. Then, pull the back thread of each piece to ruffle.
Step #7 Make the Pocket
 Fold the top of your light block fabric over and sew across to make a pocket for the curtain rod.  
Step #9 Attach
If all looks great, start sewing all of your pieces (starting from the bottom) to the light block fabric.
Step #10 Finish
Grab your "cover" piece you cut in Step#4 and put it right over the top. The hemmed part will show in the front, but will cover the last stitch. Since it will go up and over the top, you'll be sewing it to the back as pin and sew carefully!

Here is the finished product!

If you want to make this and have any questions, please email me!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Face Painting benefit

In September I received a message from a friend about her good friend unexpectedly passing away, leaving 2 children behind. She asked if I would donate some face painting time to the benefit she was throwing.
I donated all of the proceeds from the faces I did to Brianna and Cole Phylis.
These weren't all the faces I painted...only the unique ones!
My husband snapped this one of me "hard at work"
Peacock feathers
creeping vines (I added the eyeshadow for extra woodland fairy awesomeness)
Kitty Cat
This is a new one! He wanted "BANE" from Batman
Another one I haven't ever done "TWO FACE" from batman
(now that I look, I think the mouth shape should have been more exaggerated, but hey...not bad right?)   

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