Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Apothecary jars

Creepy Apothecary Jars
No halloween party would be complete without creepy things.
That's what halloween is about (as far as I'm concerned)
Me and a few of my awesomely talented and inspiring friends created these jars:

I started collecting the glass at yard sales this past season.
I didn't spend more than $2 on any of them and it was fun to find them all!
For the labels, I used "burtons-nightmare" font printed onto regular paper (it was so much fun coming up with the names!). I don't have an ink printer. It's a laser printer. This is very important. You don't want the ink to smudge! Cut it with fancy scissors or just tear it.

Take a jelly roll pan and cover it with parchment paper
(the only reason why I did this is for easy clean up)
Cover the label(s) with the coffee grounds and let sit for about an hour.
(looks yummy..PFFFT)


BE CAREFUL when you uncover the paper. It will be VERY wet and wet paper tears easily.
let it dry between 2 cookie drying racks.
Well...that's what I did to make sure the edges didn't curl. I guess the point is you want it to dry flat. I bet you could put it between paper towels and then in between something flat and heavy.
It seems I didn't take pictures of the rest of the process but basically I used modge podge, diluted in water (so I could get the labels off the glass easy) and a sponge brush to paint a LITTLE BIT of glue/water mix onto the label. I then gently put it on the glass and it stuck. They were dry within a few hours.
skeleton parts
fake eyeballs
fake spiders and bugs
doll body parts
vampire teeth
water with food dye
cauliflower (for brains)
pictures of scary faces

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