Monday, October 7, 2013

Face Painting benefit

In September I received a message from a friend about her good friend unexpectedly passing away, leaving 2 children behind. She asked if I would donate some face painting time to the benefit she was throwing.
I donated all of the proceeds from the faces I did to Brianna and Cole Phylis.
These weren't all the faces I painted...only the unique ones!
My husband snapped this one of me "hard at work"
Peacock feathers
creeping vines (I added the eyeshadow for extra woodland fairy awesomeness)
Kitty Cat
This is a new one! He wanted "BANE" from Batman
Another one I haven't ever done "TWO FACE" from batman
(now that I look, I think the mouth shape should have been more exaggerated, but hey...not bad right?)   

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Kate Mossy said...

I'm pretty sure this was super fun for you.

Radiantsun said...

Face Painting is ALWAYS super fun! I joke about getting myself dressed being the most fun...but I just love talking to kids. They have the best ideas.

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