Monday, September 9, 2013

Warrior Women/The Raven

My friends and I got together to shoot yet another installment of "let's dress up and take pictures because why not, we are adults...we do what we want"
Alysha is such an amazing photographer. You should go check out her work. I'm lucky enough to have a friend that can take an idea and go crazy with it...I am also lucky enough to have friends that let me paint them up and pose them like real-life dolls!
Alysha created a Pinterest Board for inspiration and we all pinned a bunch of stuff and then used it as inspiration.
We had a seperate craft day to make all the props and then went for it!
I made the animal head covering with an old baseball cap, foam, wire, hot glue, and fake fur!


For Kelly and Kim's makeup we wanted to keep it simple. As if they found these colors in the woods:

Kelly also wanted some arm bands. I used turquoise to tie in the colors in her necklace. Kelly's hair started off HUGE but the humidity got the best of it and it just fell flat. It was SOOOO hot!

Both outfits were made with clothes we had, items from the salvation army, and stuff we made at craft night!
For my costume I wanted wings, but not literally. Then of course I just went insane with the makeup.





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