Monday, November 18, 2013


I haven't always been a makeup person.
When I was in high school I BARELY wore it, as I got older I thought it was a waste of time. However, I have always loved special effects makeup. I remember watching the behind the scenes video of thriller over and over. I was amazed at the entire process.
While in cosmetology school in 2008 I worked at a local "horror theme park" doing special effects makeup and LOVED it. I did it for the next season as well, but as luck would have it I got back into a crappy relationship with someone who would rather I stayed home than pursue anything he didn't think was interesting.  
The moment finally came when I broke free from that poisonous relationship and started seeing someone new. I also (around the same time) joined a belly dance troupe and was able to go as wild as I wanted with my makeup. I also got to "play" with other people's hair and makeup too!  
My husband and I have dressed up a few times as "The Newlydeads" and made appearances at Salem, MA on halloween.
(I made the appliances myself...tutorial soon maybe!?)
I love being behind the camera as well and have done hair, makeup, lighting, and editing on these next few shots for a photo project.

(technically I think my husband may have snapped this one of me. It was hard to hold the apple like that, then run back to position.)
 I also have some fantastic friends who I have collaborated with on photo shoots!
All of the following pictures are from Alysha McCooe Photography and makeup by me

As you can probably tell....I LOVE halloween!
I was the cheshire cat last year

and a ventriloquist dummy this year

Over the past few years I started doing children's face painting at parties and craft fairs.

I don't know where that really puts me. I basically love the art of painting people's faces and maybe one day I can work on a movie with Tim Burton. Wait...where did that come from? hahaha slid that right in there.

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