Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Face Painting

This saturday I will be face painting at the 5th annual "Bellies for Breasts" fundraiser. It is a bellydancing event filled with raffles, dancing, great food, and good cheer all around. Last year they raised about $800 (If I remember correctly) for the Susan G.Komen breastcancer walk.
Usually I would be dancing, but since I have stepped away from dance for a while, I still wanted to be involved.
So this year I will be setting up a face painting booth!
I'm still building pictures for my portfolio, so had to use some examples I found on google images to start. I'm finally getting more of my own and hope to eventually have all originals.
I know it is silly to do that through etsy. But the business cards I ordered (LOTS) have my etsy store on them, and I want people to have SOMETHING to see when they go there!
Fingers crossed this becomes a regular thing and I could start a side business!


The Mossy Cottage said...

I had no idea you could create an etsy for services! Cool. Have fun, the event sounds like it will be entertaining.

Radiantsun said...

I think I cheated a little. tehe

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